Investment for individuals, trusts and business

Whether you are looking to save regularly or invest in a lump sum, the type of product you choose and the underlying investment are important considerations. Creating and maintaining wealth is what investment planning is all about.

There are hundreds of products we can utilise to create an investment portfolio. Picking the right fund or mix of fund can be a tricky task.

At ADR Financial Services we aim to ensure your investments meet your objectives, match your personal views on investment risk and are held in the right products – ISA’s, Bonds, Unit Trusts, OEICs, Offshore Bonds, VTCs to maximise your tax allowances.

Using our experience and knowledge, we can help you decide upon the most appropriate portfolio that suits your criteria and needs, with the aim of providing the best possible return.

Reviewing & Rebalancing

We offer a policy review service which can give you peace of mind that your investments are in the right place.

It is essential to review any existing portfolio and your circumstances on a regular basis.

For example it may be appropriate to alter the structure and risk of your investments if your personal circumstances or time horizon changes. We will assist you in making these decisions as part of your annual review process.

As far as the portfolio is concerned, it is important to consider rebalancing on an annual basis. This involves reviewing the portfolio after a given period of typically a year and monitoring which asset classes have outperformed and which have underperformed. In a simple example, if a portfolio has only two assets, one of which rose by 12% in the year and the other fell by 5% in the year, one should consider reducing the capital held in the asset which rose and reallocate this to the asset that fell so that they were back to the original proportions.

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Performance is not guaranteed and you may get back less then invested.